A Great Year for Reptiles!

2016 has been a great year for reptiles. Our surveys are finding good numbers of slowworms and grass snakes on surveys throughout the south of England. Reptiles can be difficult to find. Once

Tick danger to dogs and humans

One of the largest ever ecology surveys of ticks in dogs was carried out by Bristol University in 2015. With over 15,000 dogs examined, the findings revealed that a third of them were hosts for

Is it time to stop blaming the badgers?

For many years, badgers have had a bad press. Blamed for being the main cause behind the spread of TB in cattle, various schemes to either vaccinate or cull the badger population in the United

Saving our bees

Ecology surveys reveal a massive decline in bee population around the world and the long term consequences could be devastating to ecosystems and our own food chain. The fact that over 80% of the food

Skomer Provides a Stronghold for Threatened Puffins

June and July see the peak of breeding activity for the puffins of Skomer, but puffins have recently joined the Red List of Birds of conservation Concern due to their declining numbers. This reflects wider

How Much Could You Be Fined for Great Crested Newt Crimes?

Whilst the penalty for killing and injuring great crested newts, or destroying their habitat is often quoted as £5,000, in fact you could get an unlimited fine and up to 6 months in prison for

Why Brexit Could Lead to More Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could increase if Britain votes to leave the EU. Most of the environmental regulations that control fracking come from Europe and a vote for Brexit could allow the UK government to

Significant Penalties for Destroying Bat Roosts

To date fines handed out for wildlife crimes have often been set so low that it has been cheaper to pay the fine, than take the necessary action to comply with the law. However, in

Great Crested Newt Surveys and eDNA Testing

eDNA testing is a new technique of surveying water bodies for the presence of great crested newts.  The technique involves collecting a water sample from the pond in question and analysing it in a laboratory

Easter Chicks!

The bird nesting season is now in full swing and many birds will be feeding their nestlings now. The bird nesting season is generally between March and the end of September, but some birds can